Il Quadro di Troisi - new album out & tour dates
Il Quadro di Troisi - new album out & tour dates

29 March 2024

Il Quadro di Troisi - new album out & tour dates

Four years after the eponymous debut album, Il Quadro di Troisi returns with 'La Commedia', the second record out today via 42 Records and Raster.

With this new work, Eva Geist (Andrea Noce), Donato Dozzy (Donato Scaramuzzi), and Pietro Micioni (now a permanent member of the band after collaborating on the previous album) reaffirm the relevance of Il Quadro di Troisi in the international music scene, already clear since the debut of the project. 

This is also proven by the relevance of the collaborations that populate the album: from Suzanne Ciani to Aimee Portioli (aka Grand River) passing through Fiona Brice, Francesca Colombo (the fourth member of the band in live performances), Stefano Di Trapani, Daniele Di Gregorio, and Tommaso Cappellato. The cover art is by Francesco Messina.

Don't miss the opportunity to see Il Quadro di Troisi in one of the rare and selected live shows this year:

4 Jun - Triennale Milano / Milan

11 Jul - Villa Ada festival / Rome

2 Aug - Dekmantel festival / Amsterdam

17 Aug - Riad Wave / Ragusa

31 Aug - LETZ festival / Terni

28 Sept - Locomotiv / Bologna

…few more to be announced soon!  

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02 August 2024 Amsterdam Dekmantel BUY TICKETS
17 August 2024 Ragusa Riad Wave
31 August 2024 Terni LETZ festival BUY TICKETS
05 September 2024 Rome Villa Ada festival BUY TICKETS
28 September 2024 Bologna Locomotiv club BUY TICKETS