Portico Quartet
Portico Quartet

Portico Quartet

Agent: Andrea Angelini

Territory: Italy

Performance: Live

Mercury Prize-nominated Portico Quartet have always been an impossible band to pin down.
Sending out echoes of jazz, electronica, ambient music and minimalism, the group have created their own singular, cinematic sound over the course of four albums, from their 2007 debut Knee-Deep in the North Sea to Live/Remix in 2013.

Now rebooted as a quartet after a brief spell as the three-piece Portico, the group will perform material from their forthcoming Gondwana Records release, Art In The Age Of Automation alongside back-catalogue favourites.

Duncan Bellamy  drums and electronics
Milo Fitzpatrick  bass
Kerr Vine  hang drums and keys
Jack Wyllie  saxophone and keys